About BOWA – Soil Stabilization Experts


BOWA Environmental was established in 2007 in order to facilitate in the process of cement soil stabilization. Our main objective is to attain stabilization using the latest products available to offer the client several choices to meet their needs. BOWA has tried many products over the years and found innovative products that work well on our difficult soils in western Canada. These additives are mixed with concrete and water, typically stabilizing 30cm of soil. It is a favourable alternative to hauling poor soils away and can be used for virtually any soil. It is resistant and durable to wear and frost conditions. The finished product shows a significant reduction of cracks and settlements. It's impermeable and leak-proof surfaces make it resistant to both acid and salt. Both stabilization and immobilization are possible in one procedure, allowing for quicker a more efficient completion of projects, which allows for the stabilized area to be used sooner, often within 24-48 hours.

Since the formation of the company in 2007, BOWA has grown in size considerably. BOWA has completed projects across Alberta, Saskatchewan, B.C. and recently in Costa Rica, ranging from farm lots to oil and gas pads and roads. Our inventory of equipment has also grown significantly giving us the ability to complete larger stabilization projects in less time.

BOWA Environmental LP is at the forefront of technology, whatever your soil stabilization needs may be.

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