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Kicking Horse Energy

Previous to Bowa's involvement, Kicking Horse was dealing with crumbling pads in this high-moisture environment. Bowa stabilized a 10,000 m² well pad south of Grand Prairie, Alberta on the Husky Road using a combination cement/Altacrete process. Kicking Horse now has a strong, waterproof pad that requires little ongoing maintenance.
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Griffin Logistics

This project was for a truck depot in Nisku, Alberta. Griffin Logistics required a cement stabilized-soil pad at their suburban-Edmonton location. The 12,000 m² high-plastic clay yard was stabilized with cement and Altacrete additive. The pad can now safely accommodate a continuous flow of heavy trucks any time of year. job completed in 5 days 10 personnel on…
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Cenovus – Foster Creek

This project was for a 20,000 m² SAG-D pad. Cenovous hired Bowa Environmental to apply straight cement to a depth of 12 inches. Bowa supplied the specialized heavy equipment and experienced labour personnel.
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